Model No. SWPI : 1-4.

Test weights are used for calibration of electronic balances. We therefore call them Test weights as this is their purpose of use. Adjusting a balance means that you are intervening in the weighing system, to make sure that the display is set to show the correct nominal value. And Calibration, on the other hand you are testing whether the display is correct and documenting any deviation. Regular servicing is essential for ensuring that a balance or a weighting device performs with specification. Thus adjusting and calibration both requires test weights, which are also used with weighing instruments of all classes. These test weights are also need to be protected and finely coated thus to properly adjust and calibrate our weighing machines, weighing instruments and other weighing systems.

The International valid OIML Directive R111-2004 classifies test weights hierarchically into accuracy classes with E1 is the most accurate and M3 is the least accurate weight class. As the appropriate test weight is only classified as checking equipment if it has relevant proof of accuracy. The whole test weight range in OIML accuracy classes are E1,E2,F1,F2,M1,M2,M3. With E1 being the most accurate and M3 being the least accurate one. The OIML has set an exact metrological requirements for weights. Error limits for weights of classes E1 to M3 has been fixed in the proportion. Correctly selected test weights with calibration certificate are the pre-requisite for ensuring that your balances are not only correctly adjusted but also correctly calibrated. Schedule testing of your balances with such test weights helps you to guarantee your quality requirements and maintain your quality targets.

Selection of appropriate test weight is very necessary for your balance. A balance can never be more accurate than the test weight used to adjust it, it depends on its tolerance. Accuracy of the test weight should correspond to the readout of the balance, rather than something better. The proper selection of an appropriate test weights involve knowing their proper permissible error limit, which are already set according to the OIML standards according to their class, thus following the particular chart list provided. Certain selection programs are run across the globe for test weight selection procedure.

Test Weights are manufactured in any desired shape and sizes according to the requirement of the society.

Test Weights
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