Standard Weights

Standard Weights

What are Standard Weights?

Standard weights are highly precise calibrated masses used for the critical tasks of:

International Standards and SWPI's Expertise

SWPI (Shanker Wire Products Industries) adheres to the stringent guidelines set forth by the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML). Specifically, their standard weights comply with:

SWPI's Standard Weight Portfolio:

SWPI offers a comprehensive range of standard weights, catering to diverse weighing needs:

Model-Specific Details:

  1. Designed for testing high-capacity weighing machines in medium and ordinary accuracy classes as per OIML R 47.
  2. Constructed from high-quality cast iron for durability.
  3. Feature a smooth design with no sharp edges or corners for safety.
  4. Equipped with a sturdy mild steel handle for convenient handling.
  5. Possess an adjustable cavity with watertight and airtight closures for protection against environmental factors.
  6. Finished with a durable coat of paint for extended lifespan.
  7. Stackable for efficient storage and transportation.
Standard Weights
  1. Similar to rectangular weights, they are used for testing high-capacity weighing machines (medium and ordinary accuracy classes) as per OIML R 47.
  2. Made from high-grade cast iron for robust construction.
  3. Designed with a smooth cylindrical shape, eliminating sharp edges and corners.
  4. Watertight and airtight adjustable cavity closures safeguard the weights.
  5. Coated with a durable, typically black, paint for resistance against wear and tear.
  6. Stackable for space-saving storage and can also be rolled for easy movement.
Cylindrical Weights
Standard Weights

SWPI's Global Reach:

SWPI has established itself as a leading exporter of standard weights, supplying these essential tools to a vast international market spanning several continents.

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You May Find Our Weights In: Canada . Namibia . Mozambique . Libya . Tanzania . Qatar . U.S.A. . Mauritius . Jordan . Sweden .Kuwait . Switzerland . Malaysia . France . Germany . Netherlands . New Zealand . Romania . Belgium . Australia . U.K. . Singapore . South Africa . Ireland . Israel . Cyprus . Nepal . Bahrain . Oman . Dubai . Philippines . Fiji . Saudi Arabia . Seychelles . Ghana . India . Swaziland . Thailand . Kenya . Malawi.